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66 | A platform for private applications.
Aleo is a private, editable, high-performance blockchain network, and provides a fully private application development platform to protect users on the network through a decentralized system and a zero-knowledge primitive.

An ongoing challenge for blockchain protocols is the trade-off between privacy and programmability.

Most blockchain projects (such as Ethereum) either choose programmability first at the expense of privacy or sacrifice programmability to meet privacy requirements (anonymity coins). Combining programmability and privacy is Aleo’s biggest innovation.

Using Aleo, developers can write private applications even if they are not blockchain or cryptography experts. Through it, users can enter a world of truly personalized web services without giving up control of their private data.

Aleo Token Economics

The native token unit in Aleo is called “Aleo credits”, and these credits are used to pay transaction fees.

At launch, 1 billion Aleo credits will be distributed between early backers, builders, and community members as well as a foundation or other entity that will provide grants and ensure the continued development of the network.

From genesis, new credits will be minted and distributed to miners on aleo network via the block reward

Project team
Below shows a list of Aleo’s executive team members:

Howard Wu
Dekrypt Capital Managing Partner, Blockchain at Berkeley Advisor

Collin Chin
Co-founder, Leo programming language developer
Argus Observer Security Advisor、Blockchain at Berkeley Scientific Advisor

Raymond Chu
Argus Security Advisor、Former Blockchain at Berkeley Software Program Manager

Michael Beller
Managing Partner of Lightship Partners


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