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by editor goldshell   December 21, 2021                                                                                                          NEWS

Goldshell has hosted the “Plan VI” online event at 9 PM Eastern Time on Dec. 19th.  Goldshell announced the plan about their 6 series miners, and Vosk attended the event as a special guest to share his mining experience and insights to the futures markets.

The new generation’s specifications show the miner’s efficiency is more efficient, Goldshell R&D team has upgraded and optimized the miner internal structure, which greatly improve about 20% power consumption ratio. The new miner not only will use less electricity, it also provides much more hashrate per kilowatt-hour.

Also, the Heat sink structure has been optimized designed to get better efficiency of heat dissipation, to create a better mining system.

So far, Goldshell has provided services to more than 20,000 customers, and 160 countries (resource from Goldshell official website orders). We commit to providing better service to all users.

We enhanced safe protection and applied shockproof packaging to avoid product damage during transportation. The lab has conducted multiple types of mechanical to simulate the conditions that miners can face in a lifetime, like shock tests and drop tests during the development stage.

We want to emphasize to all customers, consider the temperature and moisture factor, it’s important to put your miner in a good environment. An extreme environment will reduce the miner’s lifetime.

We were glad to invite Vosk as a special guest to attend this online event. Vosk shared his mining experience and insights with our audiences:

“As a Crypto-lover, I was apprehensive in the beginning because it’s just a coin, got a better understanding of the tech and market when I started on GPU mining.” There was an opportunity to reach out to Goldshell miners, especially the BOX series. “Goldshell has created BOX miners to be quiet, affordable, and popular, it really decentralized mining and it made fun-mining.” Vosk expressed his love to Box miners.

Based on the current market, Vosk showed his bullish insights on the long-term market:

“Market cycle has solidified Cryptocurrency, everything is cyclical. More regularity and instability of Cryptocurrency. It’s true to the degree institutions are getting into Crypto and there is a lot more individual user participation enter into than ever before. It will grow and evolve in a long term; I am super-bullish on that.”

Vosk also shared his biggest lesson to all users: “Crtpro is 24/7/365, create a plan where you can enjoy it, don’t keep be burned out by it.”

In addition, Vosk and community helper Sylvia reminded all users to be cautious about fake websites and scammers, make wise investments.

In the last part, Goldshell answered three questions that customers were most concerned about.

Q1: In the future are you planning to hire more people for better management of problems encountered by community members?

A1: Because of the changeable market, we understand that all users hope to receive feedback and solution in time. We are trying our best to improve our management process, and attract more talents to join us. At the same time, we plan to upgrade the service system and provide a self-check program for customers to solve the issue quickly.

Q2: What are Goldshell’s plans for combatting botting and other third parties from crashing your site and only letting a select few buy the best products?              

A: We are very sorry for your bad experience. It is important for us to improve that. We use WordPress and Woocommerce as our platform and enabled more than 30 different plug-ins. it works fine in normal times. But we know it is not very robust because so many plugins are enabled. When we put popular products to the store, the traffic is 20 times than the usual.  Some plugins may be the “shortboard of the barrel”. It becomes worse and worse when users are trying to refresh the page at the same time. We have scaled up the server and made optimization of the WordPress parameters. The site works better, but still not good. So, we need a scaled-out solution and we are working on that.

Q3: Can you offer sales of parts like control boards and RGB fans, WIFI antennas accessories?

A3: Yes, we are considering it, and we plan multiple resources for our customers.  We hope to offer a one-stop service for all requests.

Final, Goldshell thanked all audiences to attend this event, and,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



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