Goldshell Lite Series

by editor goldshell   February 28, 2022   NEWS

The combination of design, function, and value

Featuring high-performance computing chips, a noise reduction function and a compatible miner design.


Goldshell today announced Goldshell new series of miners – Lite Series, packing the essential features of home-mining into customers’ love – noise reduction function. The advanced noise reduction function allows noise not to exceed 55 decibels, it’s Quiet and available across all home occasions. Lite series miners feature a Powerful mining system, optimized cooling performance with a newly developed structure, and intelligently report in real-time.

Lite series Development

Goldshell received many customers’ requirements and feedback on KD2/HS3-SE since we first launched it. The quiet level and powerful hash rate attracted many people love, it highly demands in the customer’s need. In the 24Hour Twitter quiz, we received around 118,000 impressions and 12,000 people engagements. More than 90% of customers displayed their support and expectation to quiet home miners, which is similar to KD2/HS3-SE. The Goldshell community group members expressed the same suggestion of listing and bringing back the quiet home miners.

Goldshell continuously works and completes the product lineup. Now, we have an entry mining level – BOX series, Intermediate level – Lite series, and Professional miner level (We’re looking forward to renaming this series). Combine and offer the different miner types to ASIC market needs.

Design and Performance

  • A compatible design with a safer and convenient structure, the noise level below 55db, offers the home-mining experience for everyone, everywhere.
  • With high-performance computing chips, Goldshell Lite series delivers a stable hash rate in an efficient mining system.
  • The new optimized cooling structure improves heat dissipation and prolongs the life cycle of the miner.
  • The advanced dashboard shows minutes by minute mining time plus other real-time information such as average hash rate, fluctuations, power mode, and chip temperature, for more control over your miner.



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