Goldshell Third-party Commercial Insurance Terms


This is commercial insurance provided by a third-party insurance company entrusted by Goldshell.
The claim process and final compensation interpretation right belong to this third-party insurance company.

You will be compensated if:

  1. The package is lost due to lightning strikes, fires and bad weather on the flight or vessel.
  2. The package is lost due to collision, overturning, falling and accident during the transportation of the third-party logistics company.

Commercial Insurance will be void if:

  1. The third-party logistics company shows “Delivered” in their website.
  2. The package is damaged before shipping.
  3. Intentional damage or loss caused by the recipient.

About the Insurance Fee

Insurance Fee = Insurance Amount * 2%

How to Purchase Insurance

Goldshell offers insurance plans to purchase insurance with our products.

About Compensation Amount

Indemnity Amount = Insurance Amount

*Note: The final compensation amount is determined by the third-party insurance company.


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