Goldshell Mining Tutorial–MINI Miner


This Tutorial is  applied to Goldshell LB1 & HS1 & HS1-Plus

Official Information

LBRY is a platform for building open-source content publishing services on the blockchain. The platform allows users to publish information, bypass middlemen, and directly contact consumers.

LBRY also completely encrypts all content, allowing publishers to keep a private key while using the public key can only browse part of the content, and these can be sold or given away for free.

  • Exchange:coinex、bittrex、upbit

Mining algorithm and mining environment

  • Algorithm: LBRY
  • Equipment: ASIC

Sign up mining pool account

Dxpool HNS uses sub-account names instead of wallet addresses for mining. If you want to mine LBC, you need to sign up for a sub-account name first.

Mobile phone sign-up address:

Email sign-up address:

Goldshell LB1 mining

1. How to set up the miner

1.1Download supported miner software Goldshell Miner (Windows only)

Download address: Github

1.2 Open software, follow the “driver tutorial” in the mining steps to download the driver for the computer system version and install it.

2. Connect the hardware in a sequence

A. plug in the power cable.

B. Connect the LB1(HS1 or HS1-PLUS) miner with a USB cable to the computer

3. Configure the mining pool parameters.

3.1 Open Goldshell Miner, Click the “Start” button in the second step to enter the mining settings page.

3.2click the mining pool setting icon, input the URL of the pool, worker name, and worker password (normally “x”, not your pool account password)

For example, if you use, you need to fill in the contents below:


Port: 8866

User: the account of DxPool


4. Start to mine LBC

Click the start mining icon and observe the hashrate, if it reaches up to 87GH / s (tolerance is -+ 5%), then the miner is operating normally.

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